Auto Electrical Repairs

East Gippsland Auto Electrics are specialists in the repair, maintenance and installation of your car’s electrical system, no matter the make and model.
Vehicles today are often quite complex with integrated computers, sensors and management systems, which means that it needs to be diagnosed, serviced and maintained by a specialised auto electrician. You can trust East Gippsland Auto Electrics to diagnose and repair your vehicle utilising the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure we get you and your vehicle back on the road in no time. So if you are in need of a service on your battery, alternators, wiring, starter motor or fuel pump, then contact us today.

Lighting Servicing & Repairs

The lighting system in your vehicle plays a significant role in the operation of your vehicle, and is made up of many components. Some of these components include; LED/HID lights, tail lights, stop-lights, indicators, headlights, replacement globes, internal and external lamps and trailer lights. The correct functionality of these components are not only a legal requirement, but they also aid in the safety of the driver and other drivers on the road. At East Gippsland Auto Electrics, we can diagnose, check, assess, repair and upgrade your lighting components wherever possible to ensure we get you on the road safely. So if you are driving at night or want better visibility on the road, contact us today.

Machinery Servicing & Repairs

East Gippsland Auto Electrics have years of extensive knowledge and experience with machinery repairs and servicing and are skilled in providing equipment solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. Our trusted and skilled technicians service all makes and models of farm equipment, including excavators, lawn mowers, pumps, tractors and even your farm bikes and ride-on lawn mowers. If your tractor or lawnmower is in need of a service or repair, then contact us today!

4WD Accessories

The modification of a true 4X4 is never really done. As long as you keep driving, you’ll need more and more accessories! When it comes to upgrading your 4X4, you can trust East Gippsland Auto Electrics to service and upgrade your 4X4 with high quality accessories and components. Some of the accessories we offer are TJM accessories, dual battery systems, bull bars and suspension. To find out more about our 4WD accessories we offer, contact us today, or visit TJM.


Car air-conditioning in your vehicle is essential in keeping you cool through summer, but can also assist in removing humidity from your cabin so you can counteract that foggy windscreen when driving. To ensure your air-conditioning is functioning as it should, you can trust your vehicle is in good hands with our skilled team of technicians at East Gippsland Auto Electrics who are licensed air-conditioning specialists. To find out more about our air-conditioning services, contact us today.


At East Gippsland Auto Electrics we are committed to supplying our customers with the best quality parts, workmanship and customer care. We stock quality parts to ensure that our mechanical services are carried out with ultimate quality and service. To find out more about our motorbike electrical services, contact us today.